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Budapest Improv Show feat. Gerry Weber

Budapest Improv Show feat. Gerry Weber

Looking for a great night of fun and laughter? Spend an inspiring and entertaining night with the Hungarian improvisation company – Momentán!


In March, our special guest will be Gerry Weber.

He is a professional improviser, trainer, and director living in Zurich, Switzerland. Born in the USA, brought up in Germany, Gerald found himself in his 20th year in Zurich knowing nobody. After a ten-year love affair with scripted theatre and a brief intermission with an university – presenting him with a BSc. in biotechnology and a MSc. in economy - he found his true love in improvisational theatre and decided to marry her.

Now Gerry is the artistic director of Harri Olli and an ensemble member of theater anundpfirsich two of the leading Swiss improvisation companies. He tours Europe and North America regularly as a performer and teacher and is the co-founder of the Ohana Impro Project.


We are really excited to have him here in the Budapest Improv Show! And we will play a brand new improv form!


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