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Let's jive! - A Coquette Jazz Band és Frank Roberscheuten / NEW ORLEANS SWINGFESZTIVÁL

Let's jive! - A Coquette Jazz Band és Frank Roberscheuten / NEW ORLEANS SWINGFESZTIVÁL

Formed by jazz students in Graz, Austria, the Coquette Jazz Band is an exciting new group which performed at Müpa Budapest's 2018 Jazz Showcase.  more

Founded only a few years ago by Mátyás Papp and Matyás Bartha, the group has since performed at many of the region's prestigious jazz festivals and clubs, including the New Orleans Jazz Festival in Siófok, the Jazz Capital Festival in Kecskemét, the Jazzland club in Vienna and the Classic Jazz Club La Rochelle in France. The group's primary goal is reviving the music of jazz's 'golden age', introducing and endearing it to modern audiences: the gramophone sound of the 1920s, the pulsating foxtrot and swing music of the 1930s, and the revival styles of 1940s swing and American Dixieland are all brought to life by their performances. Their repertoire features original adaptations of timeless giants from the swing era - from Louis Armstrong to Benny Goodman, and Fats Waller to Count Basie. The band's first album Isn't This a Lovely Day, released in summer 2017, features such well-known melodies as Ain't She Sweet, which evokes the streets of New Orleans, and Them There Eyes, a salute to the memory of Ella Fitzgerald.
The Coquette Jazz band specialises in enjoyable, danceable jazz, whether they're playing in a concert hall or even in a smoky pub. Their fantastic sound, stylistic playing, youthful energy and refined musical humour is a great choice even for those only just getting acquainted with the jazz genre. Also a wonderful choice is Dutch saxophonist Frank Roberscheuten, one of Europe's most sought-after swing musicians, who will be joining the band as a guest soloist.


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